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Welcome to ZoneAlarm 2018 security software suite of products.
ZoneAlarm 2018 protects your PC, your browser, and your personal data.

This guide includes the set of features that exists in the premium product - ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2018.
The product you installed may not have all the features included. For the complete set of features, consider upgrading.

Features Timeline
  • Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension

    introduced in ZoneAlarm 2018

    Protects your privacy from online phishing attacks.

  • Antivirus

    Scans files, memory, and boot sectors, and blocks viruses, spyware, riskware, Trojan horses, worms, bots, and rootkits. Antivirus consists of these components:

    • Riskware scan detects potentially harmful software.
    • Network File Scan scans shared files located on your local network.
    • Email Monitoring scans outgoing and incoming emails and attachments for known malware.
    • Real Time Cloud Protection checks Check Point cloud database for the latest information on software, files, and web resources.
    • Web Monitor scans web site before they are accessed and web content. before it is downloaded.
    • Mailbox Files Scanning scans mailbox files (such as Outlook .pst/.ost) during system wide scans.
    • Behavioral scanning detects malware based on how the files behave on your PC.
  • Scan modes

    Offers quick and full scans for better protection.

  • Quarantine rescan

    Files that have been quarantine are rescanned against updated malware definitions, after a period of time.

  • Threat emulation

    Checks email attachments and files downloaded from the web for Zero-Day threats, using virtual environment on the cloud servers.

  • Basic Application Control

    Prevents unauthorized programs from illegally accessing your network, acting as a server, or making changes to your OS settings.

  • Advanced Application Control

    Detects applications that behave suspiciously and fine-tunes application behavioral settings.

  • Components Control

    Lets you fine tune application control down to individual application components.

  • OSFirewall

    detects and blocks programs and processes that try to change the OS settings or web browser settings.

  • Two-Way Firewall

    Protects your PC from hackers and stops spyware from sending your data out to the Internet.

  • Advanced Firewall

    Monitors programs for suspicious behavior and stops new attacks that bypass traditional anti-virus protection.

  • PC Tune-up

    Cleans, organizes and streamlines your computer, and improves its performance.

  • Anti-Keylogger

    Prevents recording of keystrokes from your computer.

  • Find My Laptop

    Quickly locate your lost or stolen laptop, remotely lock it, and recover the data.

  • Online Backup

    Lets you back up and restore your data in case of a hardware failure.

  • Identity Protection Service (US only)

    Monitors your credit and alerts you of changes in your credit files and possible identity theft.

  • Parental Controls

    Filters out inappropriate web content, limits time spent online, and analyzes usage statistics about various online applications.

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